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Our Main Business Services

Our services are wide in range and focus mainly on cost management, indirect taxes compliance, Quality Management Systems.

GST Compliance

We have software applications to generate invoices in the required formats, upload invoices from the system already used by the clients, generate returns and follow-up on the input tax credits and outstanding payments. We update the clients on frequent changes notified by statutory authorities. We have a team of experts to clarify on any issues relating to GST.

Cost Management

Costing System Design, Implementation and Follow-up

A robust system is vital to capture all costs productwise and locationwise to decide on the product mix for maximizing profits. We design and set up the costing system to identify and record all elements of cost directly for every product/service of the enterprise. The Cost and Profit Statement as per Costing System will reveal many facts that are not published in statutory Profit and Loss Account.

Cost Study and Cost Analysis

The cost of the product/service is analysed in depth in terms of all elements of cost benchmarking the figures with industry trends. Automation with upgraded Technology, Capacity utilisation, Out-Sourcing, Identification of key factors, etc are taken into account in cost study. Cost drivers identified by our team will help in estimating the cost and value addition from activity performed.

Stock Valuation

Inventory costs and stock valuation influence costs and profits. We verify the stocks and valuation thereof as per standard cost accounting principles and industry practice.

Cost Audit

The Board of Directors of companies appoint us to conduct cost audit of the company as per the notification of Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Cost audit is conducted in detail which brings out important inputs for cost management.

Some of the verticals covered in cost audit:

  • • Oil and Gas
  • • Telecommunications
  • • Power Generation and Distribution
  • • Chemicals
  • • Petro Chemicals
  • • Pharmaceuticals
  • • Ayurvedic Products
  • • Automobiles

Quality Management systems

Customer delight and zero defects are our goals in setting of quality management system. Root cause analysis and implementation of corrective action are planned and implemented. We assist in documentation, train the staff and ensure effective compliance with QMS. We facilitate Certification from International Standards Organization in terms of ISO-9001 for Quality Management System. As Lead Auditor for several certifying bodies such as Bureau Veritas Certification, Bureau of Indian Standards and KPMG with experience of more than 400 audits, we have gained expertise in Quality management in several verticals.

Information Security Management System

We assist in documentation and training of staff in Information Security Management System. The system is user friendly, easy to assimilate and follow and at the same time fully protects all the information assets of the Enterprise. Incident Management and Risk Management ensure Business continuity at all times. We facilitate Certification from International Standards Organization in terms of ISO-27001 for Information Security Management System.

Techno-Economic Evaluation, System Audit and Asset verification

Techno-Economic Study is conducted for Projects and commercial viability is established.Our team consists of Certified Information Security Auditors, who are experienced in System Audit for banks and Software companies. We also conduct stock audit for several banks, forensic audit and asset verification for clients.


» Banks

  • • Foreign Banks
  • • Nationalised Indian Banks
  • • Private Banks in India
  • • Cash Management Division
  • • Credit Card Division
  • • Retail Assets Division
  • • Risk Management
  • • Retail Liabilities Division
  • • Trade Services
  • • Funds Investigation
  • • Fraud Investigation

» Business Process Outsourcing- BPO for Banks

» Insurance

» Business Process Outsourcing- BPO for Insurance companies

» Automobile-Information Technology and Research and Development Divisions

» Engineering Industry

» Consumer goods manufacture

» Manufacturing Equipments for Industry

» Non-Banking Finance Companies

» Computer Hardware manufacturers

» Computer Software Service Companies

» Telecommunication Services

» Technical Consultancy

» Shipping

» Freight Forwarding

» Road Transport

» Warehousing

» Arms Industry

» Airport Authority

» Sea Port

Internal Audits and management audits

We are retained by clients to perform specific assignments such as profitability Studies, internal audits of companies including SEBI and NSDL and management audits for internal review and decision making.

Other Services

CAS-4 certification of cost of production for Central Excise, DTA certification, Valuation certification, etc.

for Customs,

  • • CAS-4 Certification for Central Excise Authorities
  • • DTA Certification for Customs Authorities
  • • Valuation Certification for Customs and Central Excise Authorities
  • • Assessment of Transfer Pricing
  • • Assistance in compliance with regulations relating to Service Tax, VAT and other taxes
  • • Audit under Section 14A of Central Excise Act
  • • Audit under Section 14AA of Central Excise Act